Islamic Finance Governance & Reporting

ForBis Advisory offers support to institutions interested in incorporating Islamic Finance into their business model. Although Singapore doesn’t have a Muslim majority, Islamic finance still attracts a niche market in the nation. Numerous banks offer Islamic finance products in addition to conventional ones.
At the moment, Singapore doesn’t have any specific regulation on Islamic finance. Understanding this, ForBis understands that it could be tricky to develop businesses with the basis of Islamic finance. This also takes into account that Islamic finance comes with certain restrictions. These restrictions include a prohibition in investing in industries that are not allowed in Islam. ForBis is well-informed on this matter, and we are ready to assist you in giving our opinions and advice on developing your Islamic business products.

ForBis will assist you in designing competitive Islamic finance products, and
navigate you through the ever-changing business ecosystem. Our expertise and
experience will bring your company positive experience and the fulfillment of
your company goals.

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